Smart property purchase increases superannuation balance by over $5 million

Superannuation is an untapped resource ignored by many Aussie homeowners and renters alike. If you don’t own your own home, then your super balance is your largest security.  You can set yourself up for a great lifestyle when you retire by finding smart investments and maximising the growth of your superannuation.   

Retirement may seem like it’s a lifetime away.  Starting to invest your superannuation in property earlier on will give you a better return on your investment so you can live the life you want when you eventually retire.  

What’s stopping you? 

There are no start-up expenses.  You don’t need to pay to set up your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or buyer’s agent fees (around $5k each).  These expenses are all taken out of your super fund instead of your bank account.  Then you can watch your capital growing at a far faster rate than the interest you were previously getting from your super fund. 

$900K VS $6M Super balance – Which would you choose?  

Let’s look at a case study:  

Imagine, two men, exactly the same age (35), with the same super balance ($120K).  The first plays it safe and sticks with his industry super fund which grows at a rate of 5% p.a.  He retires with $900K.   

The second man has sought advice from a property investment company.  He purchases a Sydney property for $400K via his SMSF (Self-Managed Superannuation Fund).  When he retires, this property is worth $6M.   

The second man is borrowing 80% of the property value at the purchase price ($400K) so his capital appreciation is based on the 400K as opposed to the first man whose capital appreciation is on the $120K.

An extra $5M in my super fund?  Yes please! 

When you do the math from our case study, this property investment has left the second man retiring with over $5M extra in his super fund, setting himself up for golden years indeed.  At Dream Design Property (DDP), 50% of their clients are using superannuation to buy property.  DDP Founder, Zaki Ameer stated, “At first, most of our clients shy away from using super to buy property, until we run through the benefits and explain how all fees are taken from their existing super balance, meaning NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES to get started”.  

Substantial tax benefits from buying a property with your SMSF 

You can save money on your taxes by purchasing a property using a SMSF instead of under your own name.   A super fund’s tax rate is 15% which means that if your property has a net positive cash flow of $20K p.a., then you pay $3K in tax.  When purchased under your own name, you will pay $7-9K tax (depending on your marginal tax rate).

What if my super balance is too low? 

You can combine your super fund with friends and family if you have a low super balance.  The benefits from property capital growth are accessible to nearly everybody, you just need to know how to access them.  

Contact the team at DDP to find out more about getting the most from your SMSF with smart property investments.  

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How to overcome the top five barriers to owning your own home in 2020

As we move into 2020, Aussie real estate market is still going strong.   According the ABS, two thirds of Australian’s own their own home.   What’s stopping the other third of us?

Many of us are missing out on opportunities because we don’t have the knowledge or confidence to overcome a few of the hurdles life throws at us.  2020 is your year to start doing things differently and start reaping the benefits of our ideal market conditions.  

Real estate expert and founder of Dream Design Property (DDP), Zaki Ameer has helped over 1,200 Australian’s to own their own property.  Let’s use his expertise to bust the top 5 myths that have been holding his clients back from buying property.  

Not enough savings or equity

Ameer started his own property investment journey with no savings or equity and accumulated an impressive portfolio of fifteen properties In just a few short years.  He provides work arounds like a $35K commission cash back for house and land packages you can use as a deposit, 100% finance or delayed settlement.  

Depleted assets and lost confidence after a divorce or separation 

After experiencing his own disastrous divorce, Ameer knows firsthand the financial and mental challenges you face getting back on track.  Remember, no situation is a “lost cause”.  Many of his clients have benefited from his private consultations and shared experience to start successfully investing property and rebuilding their finances. 

Bad Credit history 

Everybody makes mistakes and success is about how you can bounce back and recover long term.  There are plenty of 3rd and 4th tier lenders that can provide home loans if you have bad credit because property is offers excellent security to lenders.  Your capital gains over time will still far outweigh the higher interest rates provided by these providers.  Interests rates on bad credit are usually about 1% higher.

Resistance from a spouse/partner

Buying a property is a major life decision and can be overwhelming for many of us.  To stay confident, It’s important to break the process down into baby steps.  Getting a real estate expert, with a proven track record like Ameer to meet with your partner is a great way to show them the benefits.  The DDP team can address concerns, share their clients’ success stories and clearly show how this will improve your financial situation.  

Uncertainty due to losing money on property in the past. 

It’s possible to become a millionaire without doing anything except holding on the property.  Specialising in risk minimisation, Ameer and his team can ensure that you hold onto your asset(s) long term to achieve great capital gains to make up for previous losses.  For example, If you purchased an $80K house in Sydney in the 1980, it would now be valued at $1.1M.  Similar growth applies to Melbourne and Brisbane.  Contact the team at DDP and make 2020 your year.  For all media enquiries, please call Olivia Parker on 0428 255 637 – [email protected]

A Guide about Where to Buy Property in Australia

Dream Design Property

Stating one city better than other for buying a property in Australia is not fair. It is because every city has its pros and cons and overall property market of the country is good, so it hardly matters whether a person is buying property in Brisbane or Sydney. What matters is the purpose of buying a property. This guide will help you in choosing the right location for buying a property in the country as per your requirements.

Buying for End Purpose – If you want to lead a comfortable and peaceful life with your family, Melbourne is one of the best cities in the country to live. The rate of unemployment is low, several suburbs and districts are there to meet varied budgets of different customers and the city is the hub of educational centers giving easy access to quality education.

For Investors – If you are a savvy investor and willing to create wealth in the long run, stick with capital city, Canberra. As compared to other cities, property prices of the place are far better than others and ensure good return of investment in the long run.

For Young Professionals – Sydney acts as a big draw for IT and Finance professionals. Presence of multi-national companies, 5 days a week office culture, Bondi Beach to enjoy weekends and hordes of places to enjoy good food and drinks make it a perfect destination for young professionals who give equal importance to fun factor.

For Retirees – Enjoy peaceful living in a laid back atmosphere of Brisbane. The low cost of living, sunny weather all the year round and easy reach to The Sunshine and The Gold Coast makes it a perfect destination for senior citizens and retirees.

So, after deciding the location, you are looking for a professional assistance to buy a right property in aforementioned areas at the right price, hire reliable services of Dream Design Property. It is a property investment and management company that helps individuals and corporates to find the right property within their budget.

Buying Residential Property in Australia? Keep Following Factors in Mind

Residential Property in Australia

The actual house hunting process starts once a person decides to buy a residential property in Australia. Whether he is buying his dream home or has a desire to make a new addition in his asset portfolio, making extensive research about below mentioned factors is indispensable.

Consider Popular Location – In the last few years, cities like Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia have witnessed the maximum property appreciation. So, primarily step involves deciding the right location for buying a residential property.

Evaluate your Finances – The next big thing is to decide the budget. Knowing budget in a concrete manner helps in shortlisting the property quickly. Moreover, if you are planning to take a mortgage from the bank, do extensive research about which companies are granting the mortgage loan, limit of loan sanctioned, interest rates, fees, maximum loan tenure, etc.

Understand Total Cost of House – If you are buying a residential property for the first time, then it is necessary to understand the total cost of house and what all it includes. It includes other components also like stamp duty charges, finance and insurance cost,  etc. All these factors collectively increase the property price up to 20%. Thus, to get the idea about total cost of house, hire the services of reputed property investment company like Dream Design Property.

The Fee & Tax Component – Buying a house in Australia is a taxing process as it demands approvals from the concerned Authority by paying relevant fee.A person needs to pay Land transfer Registration Fee, local tax, mortgage application fee, etc., while buying a home in the country.Depending upon the kind of property and area of buying, the cost varies from one state to another. So,gather extensive knowledge about the same to avoid falling in any legal trap.

There are other factors also which demand attention of homebuyers. One way is homebuyer enquires about all these factors himself and other way is hiring professional services of real estate advisor like Dream Design Property.  The latter way does dig a hole in your pocket but it ensures to complete all formalities of home buying process in the most hassle-free manner.

Property Agents Hold Expertise Knowledge about Australian Real Estate Property Market

Property Agent

The property buying rules differ for residents and non-residents in India. Same holds strong in case of Australian real estate property market also. If you are not an Australian resident, you cannot invest in every piece of land. Let’s take a brief look on residential property buying rule for Australian residents and non-residents.

Residential Property Investment by Australian Residents – The temporary residents of the country can only buy single established dwelling for their personal usage. They can also buy a vacant land with the sole purpose of building new dwellings. However, they cannot buy established dwellings for investment purpose in Australia.

Residential Property Investment by Non-Residents – The foreign residents are allowed to buy new dwellings, under construction properties and vacant land with the purpose of development.As they are not residents of the country,they are allowed to buy established dwelling only when they demolish the said dwelling and within 4 years of date of approval build the new one.

Like this, there are many other regulations regarding property tax, housing loan procedures, etc., which differ for residents and non-residents. So, if you are interested in making investment in Australian residential property market, it is advice to get associated with reputed property investment companies like Dream Design Property, etc.

Benefits with Property Agents

There are not one or two but myriad benefits client get after associated with reputed property buying agent like Dream Design Property. Some of those benefits are:

  • The agents have expertise knowledge of Australia property market and help clients in choosing the right property.
  • They help clients in closing the deal in limited time frame at the right location.
  • They help in negotiation process.
  • They take entire onus of completing all legal formalities with regard to purchase and sale of residential and commercial property in Australia.
  • They offer exemplary property investment solutions to both residents and non-residents of Australia.

So, invest your hard-earned money wisely by seeking guidance from reputed property buying agents.

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5 factors which make property investment an ultimate option

Property Investment

With great power come great responsibly and the same goes for your investment options. Nowadays, there are numerous investment options and therefore you need to choose wisely but a good investment option is the one that gives you high return with minimal risk and property investment fits like a glove in such criteria.

Property investment has turned out to be one of the most profitable investment options as now this investment option is no longer complicated and expensive.  By investing in property, you can generate passive income and if the value of the property increases over time then it can turn out to be a good investment option. But you also need to make sure that you are ready to start investing in property as it can give you expected returns only if you invest wisely.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the 5 factors which make property investment an ultimate option.

High tangible asset value

You should know that there will always be value at your home and in your hands as well. Most of the investment options will leave you with minimal or no tangible asset like stock which can fall down to zero value or a brand new car, the value of which decreases over time. But in case of your property investment, your assets will always be protected (through home owners insurance) even in the worst case scenario.

Tax benefits

Along with long-term rewards, property investment can help you save money in the short term as well. Tax benefits in property investment are short term rewards which come as an add-on. You should know that property investment gives you tax advantages through deprecation, negative gearing, capital gains tax exemptions, and claim of interest on your mortgage.

Value always increases over time

There is no doubt in the fact that the longer you hold your property, the more money you will make. The housing market has always recovered from the past falls that become a reason for the home appreciation to dip down and all those people who didn’t lose the grip on their property during those times, prices have returned back to normal for them. So, by investing in property and holding it for long time, you are making sure to get big and better returns.

Diversifies your portfolio

If you have ever contacted a financial planner regarding your investment options and financial planning then you must have understood the importance of diversification.  By diversifying your portfolio, you basically spread your risk and wipe out the chances of being financially broke because of being restricted in your portfolio. Property investment will always act as a safe tangible asset that will mitigate the risk in your portfolio. Many people have increased their wealth just by investing in property.

So, if you are not able to make a decision with your property investment options then you should always choose property investment since it is seamless, less risky and gives high returns. 

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Sell Residential Property Fast by Hiring Professional Property Agents

Many people plan to sell their home without hiring property advisors in order to save some money. But they fail to understand that hiring the proficient services of real estate advisors or property investment company like Dream Design Property is quite profitable in a number of ways. Are you still wondering, how? Here are the benefits a prospective seller will get by hiring the services of property consultants:

Listing Property at Right Market Prices – Several factors like location, year of construction, quality of construction, ongoing market trends, current market prices, etc., determine the price of a property. A common person does not have extensive knowledge about the residential marketplace, thus there are high chances he may list the property at lower or higher price. With the help of property consultants, it becomes easy to list the property at the best possible prices.

Saves Time –Selling a property is a time consuming process. Several buyers look the property and only a handful of them show their interest. Moreover, it may possible that every time a seller is not available to answer the queries or show property to the prospective buyers. In such cases, property agents are of great help. They will take entire onus of selling your property by showing your property to making follow-up calls to interested buyers.

Helps in Negotiation – Negotiation is art in which real estate and property investment companies hold expertise.The company’s professional understandsthe real estate market and negotiation tricks. They give assurance to seller to fetch the right price of his property by applying right negotiation skills at the right time.

Extensive Network – The real estate advisors have wide network. They remain in touch with the both parties – buyer and seller. Thus, as soon as you approach them, they take no time in getting into the action and help you in getting the right buyer as earliest as possible.

So, it is not wrong to say that shelling out some money in order to get right price of your residential property in limited time frame is a worth taking risk. If you are willing to resale the property in Australia, Dream Design Property can help you.

Avoid These 4 Mistakes while Making Property Investment

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable investment avenues. Of late, many people are investing their hard-earned money in real estate by purchasing commercial or residential property from investment point of view. However, while making real estate investment, it is necessary to follow cautious attitude and do not end up making these common property investment mistakes.

Not Making Adequate Research – Before purchasing any property, it is necessary to make extensive research about the locality, civic amenities available, rental rates, resale value, etc. No matter you are making an investment in commercial or residential property, every factor counts and affect the property rate significantly.

Underestimating Costs –The prices, as quoted by real estate agent, only includes the cost of property. A buyer must consider the other associated property costs like stamp duty, registration cost, renovation cost, etc., which usually increase the property price significantly. So, make it a point to get clear cut idea about the total cost of the property before making any purchase and negotiate accordingly.

Not Hiring Services of Professional Property Investment Company – Many people think hiring property investment company is an expensive proposition and they try to manage all tasks related to property buying themselves. However, it is a big mistake. The well-established property investment company like Dream Design Property aims at offering end-to-end solutions to clients by assisting them in finding the right property, making negotiations and completing entire paperwork associated with property transfer.

Availing Tax Benefits – The tax benefits obtained on purchase or sale of commercial and residential properties vary from one country to another. A common person does not have in-depth knowledge of the same and sometimes, he even forgets to avail the tax benefit and ends up losing scores of money.  The real estate property consultant like Dream Design Property have in-house professionals, who calculate tax implications associated with sale and purchase of a property and informed clients accordingly.

Property Investment proves quite profitable in the long term if a person invests in the right property at the right time and in the right location. To get all the factors right, hire the professional services of property investment advisors.

What Makes Australia the Dream Country to Live In?

Staying on rent is posh villas or an Australian suburb cannot be a solution for a lifetime. You need to move on and invest to buy a property. There are many options open so that you can easily choose to buy a property in dream locations. The city can be any – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or others. But, the property that you get to buy is always a stunning home that can range from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house.

The homes are neat and tidy, brimming with innovative ideas, and comfortable in their every sense. You can buy these homes very easily with a little bit of planning and the willingness to invest. For that you may not even borrow loans, just a steady income from a good job, may serve the purpose. But, if you think you would need a loan, then borrowing too is made simple with no hassles at all. Even if you are a foreigner, still you can think of buying a property in Australia and see your dream coming true in a short time.

Reliable Advisor

There are property advisers like Dream Design Property that you can approach to find information and support that is unimaginable. The adviser gives an idea of the latest deals in property and lets you know which all can be the best investments.So, your risk of investment gets minimized, as now you can securely own a property in the city of your choice.

A Promising Future

The picturesque locations of Australian cities are the destinations for a dream house. People want to get settled in the country as it has plenty to offer. A promising future and all the facilities that make a great living are all available here. This is what makes people impatient and they want to invest in property as they know that it would result in a happy and prosperous life.

Awesome Nature

Living in the country keeps you close to nature. You can breathe fresh air and stay attached to the myriad wonders that nature has to offer you here. So, that assures a healthy living with no word like ‘pollution’ found, in-spite of the fact that population is increasing rapidly.

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Why investment property in Melbourne is a good idea?

Melbourne Property

The perception of grass is always greener on the other side is very common among people and that’s why even after living in one of the most modern, opportunistic and growing city like Melbourne, people plan to invest in another state.  But you might be thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side because you haven’t looked at your own backyard for a while.

Putting your money in the investment property in Melbourne is a very good idea as it will allow you to fulfill your Australian dream and get the expected result from your investment without taking a lot of risk and without even putting a hefty amount of money.

Melbourne is the most admired city when it comes to investment property because it gives good value on national level, minimized level of holding risk and better capital growth in comparison to other options of investment property in Australia. So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the above-mentioned advantages of putting your money in investment property in Melbourne in a more detailed way.

Lower risk

When it comes to risk in investment property then it is zoomed in to holding risk. The holding risk is the financial risk of not being able to service the loan on an investment property which results in liquidation.  But the chances of holding risk are very minimal in Melbourne because of job opportunities, numerous national and international immigrants, major employers, etc. and all these factors underpin the rental income on your investment property.

Better chances of growth

Since Melbourne is such a fantastic city to live in, the chances of growth in the city are better than other option. What you will invest today will grow like anything in the future and that’s the best part of putting your money in the investment property as with the growth of the city, your investment also grows. If you will choose a good property adviser like Dream Design Property, then you can cross your line of expectation from your investment and get unimaginable result.

Increasing population

If a city has increasing population then putting your money in that city in the form of investment property is a good idea and that’s why Melbourne is an ideal city for investment property. According to the population prediction of Victorian Government, the population of Melbourne will reach 8 million by 2051. All these growing numbers of people are going to look for a place to live and that’s where the opportunity for the investment property rises.

Putting your money in the investment property in Melbourne is always a good idea as along with the wide opportunity, this awesome city offers lower risk in comparison to other options of investment. So put your money to use and invest in Melbourne in the form of investment property.