As we move into 2020, Aussie real estate market is still going strong.   According the ABS, two thirds of Australian’s own their own home.   What’s stopping the other third of us?

Many of us are missing out on opportunities because we don’t have the knowledge or confidence to overcome a few of the hurdles life throws at us.  2020 is your year to start doing things differently and start reaping the benefits of our ideal market conditions.  

Real estate expert and founder of Dream Design Property (DDP), Zaki Ameer has helped over 1,200 Australian’s to own their own property.  Let’s use his expertise to bust the top 5 myths that have been holding his clients back from buying property.  

Not enough savings or equity

Ameer started his own property investment journey with no savings or equity and accumulated an impressive portfolio of fifteen properties In just a few short years.  He provides work arounds like a $35K commission cash back for house and land packages you can use as a deposit, 100% finance or delayed settlement.  

Depleted assets and lost confidence after a divorce or separation 

After experiencing his own disastrous divorce, Ameer knows firsthand the financial and mental challenges you face getting back on track.  Remember, no situation is a “lost cause”.  Many of his clients have benefited from his private consultations and shared experience to start successfully investing property and rebuilding their finances. 

Bad Credit history 

Everybody makes mistakes and success is about how you can bounce back and recover long term.  There are plenty of 3rd and 4th tier lenders that can provide home loans if you have bad credit because property is offers excellent security to lenders.  Your capital gains over time will still far outweigh the higher interest rates provided by these providers.  Interests rates on bad credit are usually about 1% higher.

Resistance from a spouse/partner

Buying a property is a major life decision and can be overwhelming for many of us.  To stay confident, It’s important to break the process down into baby steps.  Getting a real estate expert, with a proven track record like Ameer to meet with your partner is a great way to show them the benefits.  The DDP team can address concerns, share their clients’ success stories and clearly show how this will improve your financial situation.  

Uncertainty due to losing money on property in the past. 

It’s possible to become a millionaire without doing anything except holding on the property.  Specialising in risk minimisation, Ameer and his team can ensure that you hold onto your asset(s) long term to achieve great capital gains to make up for previous losses.  For example, If you purchased an $80K house in Sydney in the 1980, it would now be valued at $1.1M.  Similar growth applies to Melbourne and Brisbane.  Contact the team at DDP and make 2020 your year.  For all media enquiries, please call Olivia Parker on 0428 255 637 –